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Gilt-head bream (Sparus aurata) also called 'queen of the sea' due to the very tasty meat and the attractive appearance. Therefore, the gilt-head bream is the most frequent subject of fishing on the white fish.
How to catch gilt-head bream
The most common way of fishing is from the shore by day. You can catch it by stick or by line in hand. Gilt-head bream is moving at depths of 5-20m. However, experience in underwater fishing by lurking show that gilt-head bream approaches the coast early morning or evening. It shows that you can catch disavowal gilt-head bream15-20m away and even in the depths of a few meters.
Decoys that gilt-head bream gladly take is large worm, murex, meat of a sea cucumber, bibi worm , squid, a piece of sardines, smelt, crabs. It is better to troll harder, because the small fish quickly remove softer. Because of that, the best pieces of the worm are only the 10-20cm from the head. Since gilt-head bream like shells, a good bait is mussel in the crust, a bit cracked. Mussel can be used and cleaned in way to combine with the murex, or squid - first put mussel on the hook and then harder bait. Some use crabs that are found under rocks in shallow waters and they put two of them on the hook to move along the bottom and provoke the gilt-head bream.
An important factor in fishing on the gilt-head bream is alluring. It is best to throw bait more days in a row. Best bait are little crushed mussels or similar shells. Then crushed fresh or salted anchovies, crushed hedgehogs, and various waste mixed with minced salted anchovies. Crushed salted sardines are well mixed with sand or clayey soil, so its smell will hold longer in the area of fishing.
Nylon for fishing gilt-head bream should be as thin as it can be. On the roll of 0,25-0,30 mm, from the hand up to 0.40 mm.
When gilt-head bream pull, it must have a few meters of free nylon, because in the case of resistance it leaves the bait. Cons must be strong, because gilt-head bream has very hard mouth that make hook sticking difficult. Therefore, when gilt-head bream is caught, nylon should always be tight so the fish does not drop. Gilt-head bream, when is draged, oftenly crashes its head in some rock to break the hook from his mouth. Then you have to be very careful with the release. Gilt-head bream is often caught by the soft part of the bottom side of the mouth. In this case, it drops easyly, if you drag rapidly or when removing from the sea.
One of the ways in gilt-head fishing from the shore is to leave several lines at night with bibi worm or sea cucumber meat as bait. Gilt-head bream can be hunted at night with trawl-line where the lure is one of these - sea cucumber meat or murex. But that is not a part of sport fishing.
Underwater fishing on gilt-head bream is also sport fishing. The best results are achieved by lurking along the coast. More about the spearfishing More general information about fishing in the Adriatic fishing

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